Monday, December 23, 2013

Pincushions Galore

I thought last night that I wanted to make some pillowcases for Christmas at Carrie's.  I have my jellies to bring for everyone, but thought that the addition of a few cute pillowcases would just add to the joy.

So I went into my sewing hole and cleared a space.  My last visit to Hobby Lobby got me some poly-fil so I was ready to stuff.

I made these cuties.

McGee is in the proverbial dog house again.  Frank gave me the
donations to log in for CAAWS and then he put together the deposit.  He put it on the table and went to the bathroom before he left to make the deposit at the bank.

In that short time, McGee ate the deposit.

He ate one check and three $1 bills.  Thank goodness it was only that.

I will add that to his growing bill.

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