Monday, December 9, 2013

This Weekend Was Pretty Good

Trees?  Did you see yesterday's post about the sisal trees?  Lets do some and use them on a quilt!  I love them!  Come on, lets do it!

I like to make lists.  Actually I doit because I just can'tremember aall the stuff I have to do.  So I make a lot of lists.  On Friday, Frank worked at home and I made a long list on the back of an envelope n which we got some bill or other.  And as I did eah thing, I crossed it off.  I got 17 of my 19 things crossed off my list as of now.  And I can't the other two until tomorrow anyway.

I also have to admit that if I do  something that is NOT on the  list, I add it just so I can cross it off.  Not fair?  What do you mean?  Try it, it makes you feel like you are getting stuff accomplished!

One of the things on the list was to hang the Ellies quilt.  And it is awesome.  I give you a tour of my cool Moroccan bedroom.   Check that out two posts back. 

I made Crawfiish Ettouffe for dinner.  Yum!  Perfect for  cold cold rainy day.  It warms you down to your toes!  The salad is a bosc pear.

next one will have batting or decorbond

I also made a tote bag out of a dog food bag!  Cool!  I hd to put it in my car because the dogs worried it for about two hours.  They were going to eat it!

this was a prototype and I will donate it to the CAAWS Volunteer Party this week as a door prize.


  1. Love the tote bag! I am going to have to ask around to find out who has a dog and get their empty dog bags if they don't use them for other things.

  2. Up cycling at its finest, the link for the sisal trees didn't work - what are you talking about? I am curious now

  3. I couldn't get to the link for sisal trees either....I've seen these bags and often wondered how well they sew. I like the ones out of horse feed sacks


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