Monday, December 9, 2013

Th Corn Goddess and the Aztec King

Once upon a time, there was a Navajo Corn Goddess.  She sat on a high mountain.  Far above the dark plain where the Devil Dogs roamed.

The Dineh, as the Navajo called themselves, knew that corn was the most sacred of plants.  The First Man brought White Corn and the First Woman brought Yellow Corn and together they fed their people.  The Corn Goddess deserved her place on the high piece of furniture.

She must have known when the handsome Mexican moved in.  He certainly noticed her.  Texcatlipoca was called the Smoke Behind the Mirror in his native land.  Anxiety and trouble followed in his wake, so he must have had to move out of his previous neighborhood.  His Obsidian knife thrilled the Corn Goddess.

They lived together on the top of the wooden mountain in peace for many years.  It seemed that his legacy of misery had fallen behind him.

Over many moons, other gods and thusly important people moved into the area.  Tlazolteotl, the God of Lust tantalized them with his baudy tales.  The Pawnee Goddess Atelis Tirwara who created the sun and the moon moved in next to the Aztec Worry Man.  That actually worried the Corn Goddess more than the Aztec guy.

One day, they could stand it no longer.  They knew they had to take the plunge.  Everyone thought they were talking metaphorically about marriage.  But no one knew what they were actually planning.

And they waited.  For just the right moment.

And the moment came today.   It was a cold and rainy day and the Wild Basset Boyz of the lower plain were very restless.  This worried the Worried God.  Still they moved to make their dreams come true.

This afternoon the Basset Boyz came running inside like the crazed demons they are and slid on wet paws.........right into the china cabinet.

Whereupon a Navajo Corn Goddess and an Aztec God plunged to their deaths taking with them a Navajo Wedding Cup as they fell.

The dogs sat quietly as I told Frank when he got home.  He was not happy his pieces were now in the Happy Hunting Ground together.

Who knew the royalty even cared about each other enough to end it all together.


  1. Oh this is hilarious.... You are so very creative. Kate

  2. Where's a picture of the demise? Those dogs.....!


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