Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dogs and the Purple Cow!

Some people asked about the dog food tote bags.  You need the type of bag that is like tightly woven plastic.  It was very easy to sew on my Husqvarna 930E which is a strong machine and didn't even notice the difference in the materials.  The bags are not thick at all, they are much like fabric in thickness.  However, the bags are very slithery and stiff so you need to make sure you don't use pins and create holes.  So what did I do?  I have a whole container of all sizes and colors of bullnose clips.  I love them because they are so  useful in many situations.  And they are strong enough  to hold slippery bags together with moving fabric.

I guess you can use the heavy paper type of dog food bag but I have not used that one yet to know how it sews.  there are a lot of really cool looking bags you can use, but if you are using the food for your own dog, be very careful about switching foods out quickly.  It can cause explosive diarrhea.  And you DON'T want that.

3 on a bed trying to stay warm

Dog Tip:  If you want to switch foods (anytime you want to switch foods) save a bit of the old food and take a week to switch.  Start the first two days by using 1/4 new to 3/4 old.  If that  goes well, do the next two days as 1/2 an 1/2.  If  that goes well, do 3/4 new to 1/4 old for 2 days.  And on the 7th day, do 100% of the new.  The whole time supplement with yogurt that has probiotics and live cultures.  You dog should be able tto handle dairy though.  If he can't then you need to get some acidophilus and supplement with that.  I actually give my dogs yogurt daily in their food.

I needed a pick me up today, and we all know I don't need more fabric, right?  But I could not help myself.  I knew the 99 cent rack would be full of cotton since I hadn't been there in a while to pick through it.  And my CRV just went in there by itself.  Really.

My camera battery was nearly out and I just had enough juice to get three photos.  But they will show you what I go for $7.00 total!  Yes, SEVEN.

TWO junior large sundresses.  When I saw these I decide the quilt needed to be in the pink range.   I think I have the pattern in my head as small crosses - four in a block and they sort of float.  i saw it in one of the recent copies of like Quilt Magaziine or Quiltmaker, yes I think it is Quiltmaker.

 These are three shirts, I checked and made sure they were 100% cotton and didn't have any spandex or poly in there.  So many of them have it.  I also check to make sure the cottons are heavier and not real thin.  I had to put back three I really liked because they were on the thin side.  If you want make a block with layers or shirring maybe but not for the block itself.

Another plus with shirts is that you get BUTTONS too!  I love buttons.  Just like PattyA, although she uses hers.  I hoard mine!  You need to go check her out and see how she is quilting the music quilt.  I am loving it!

The most wonderful two things were these right here!  The pink shirt is a soft pure corduroy dream.  And the blue is a soft linen feel chambray wrap skirt.  There is a lot of fabric in that skirt because it  is double wrapped and tied.

Aren't the all wonderful??????  Can you see them all together in a girl's quilt? 

I need to clear off my sewing spae in the sewing room and work on this.

I also need to complete the leaves quilt and do a challenge for River City.  the Challenge is to use the official River City Guild Block in someting.  I have the most wonderful idea I know will win the #1 prize, you watch!

No I am not showing it to you!

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  1. Did you get your clothing at the Goodwill? There is a big Goodwill store I go by when I go to get my haircut. I have only stopped there once, but I think I need to stop every time after seeing your haul! Thanks for the shout out with my music quilt. It is all quilted and I will work on the binding tonight. I saw Hancock's was having a 20% off sale and found some cool fabric with drums on them. I bought some for the next musical baby quilt I have to make for a drummer. I also bought some from for pillowcases for the nieces and nephews. I have been on a roll lately buying fabric.


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