Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Food and the Company Were Top Notch

I was on my feet all day, but the food was incredible. I don't have a single photo to prove it though.  By the time everyone left I was ready for the next meal and a foot massage! 

Lavender jelly went over huge and I tweaked the next batch to be a bit different.  I added a white wine and doubled the lavender.  Much stronger lavender taste.  I also added some pansies for great effect in the cooling jelly!  Hopefully they will crystallize.

When I was kid, we had violets growing wild in our yard in Metairie just outside of New Orleans.  I would gather them and crystallize
them in sugar and egg whites.  They actually  tasted.....well.....purple!

I might have to try that with the pansies.

The cheesecake was incredible with the Caramel Macchiato I prepared for everyone.  The ham had a apricot glaze, which made it edible.  I don't like ham so I have to "cover" the flavor with some interesting glazes.  I can come up with a few.

And I made a slaw that was sweet, with raisins and cashews.  It was a change from my usual cabbage, cooked down with ham seasoning, carrots and bell peppers and onions.

It was a busy day, and I didn't watch a single foodball play!  That is how busy I was!

I will  continue working on the Quilt Room Clean Up and the Quilt Challenge piece.  Hopefully I will make some nice  progress on both!


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome day with great food. Never had lavender jelly but it sounds delicious! I've never ate violets either. I find I put white wine in everything. If my dish is lacking in the flavor I'm looking for...I add a little wine...and there it is...that flavor I'm missing. It's wonderful in brown gravy made from scratch with a roux!

  2. I did a quick read to catch up from being off for the holidays and you have been busy. So glad you are making progress on your clean-up! I ended up sending too much time in the kitchen while I was off. I made stuff shells twice to take to my son's house and a batch to my brother's, made a cheesecake (gosh, it was good!), veggie beef soup, cookies, candy, pies, sweet potatoes, and bean soup. I don't know how much I will be getting done this week because all the walking to work I will have to do because of the snow just keep getting deeper. I walked this morning just because I need the exercise. Yesterday we got 3 inches of snow. Today it is still snowing and they are calling for 5 inches. Since the city won't plow the cul-de-sac that will be 8 inches of snow and my Eclipse will not navigate that so I will be walking the mile to work. Maybe I will burn some calories from all that pie!


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