Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge

Sophie at Sophie Junction is bringing us together in a Tea Towel Challenge.  I had two tea towels that Carrie brought me from Europe when I entered the Tea Towel Challenge last year.  I finished up with a UFO like this:

Ok, so I have to finish it.  I will so that.  I have the quilt machine that needs work.

And in that vein of thought,  entered her 2014 Tea Towel Challenge.  If you want to join is and put together a one of a kind quilt that begins with a creative tea towel, you may be able to sweet talk her to let you in right now.  But don't wait!

The timeline is:

Timeline & Check-ins

End of 2013 - Decide to participate and commit
January - Tea towel and fabric selection
February- In-progress report
March - Finished project show & tell

Just so you know, I ordered my tea towel online and have it already.  I have one or to of the fabrics and these are them.

I  bought some grey green to go with it....and I have actually posted it on this blog a proof.  Wouldn't you know it......I can't find it right now.  I can't even find the darned tea towel.  I am pretty sure they are hiding together.

Do you remember the outhouse blocks?  I find them from time to time.....they resurface and then they dive under stuff again.  And become un-findable.

Uh...I have to go.   I need to look around my quilt room for a while......bye for now.


  1. Oh no...did you check to see if McGee got a hold of your grey green fabric? Maybe it looked yummy? ;) I have started pulling some fabrics and setting them alongside my tea towel, but I think a shopping trip may be in order eventually.


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