Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sinus Med Nazi

I have a long list of things I need to start working on.  Ten I can think of off the top of my head.  Addled as it is with this sinus medication.  I have been fighting allergies since winter set in.  The OTC meds that I take for it (Musinex D) I couldn't get this time.  You know how they keep them behind the counter so I can't make Designer Drugs out of them?  Well, I asked the pharmacist for a box of Musinex D and he said, you don't sound like you have chest congestion.  I said, I don't, but it works for my head.  He said, well, it is for chest congestion, not head congestion so I can't give it to you!

WHAT? The government is telling me what OTC sinus meds I can and can't take?  That is just too much.  I guess I could have caused a scene, but my head hurt too much.

So I took what he offered me, we were heading out to dinner and I needed it.  I was not happy though.  I will look for it somewhere else and answer the question with, well, my HUSBAND at HOME is really congested with a hairy chest with a nice six pack, or maybe a TWELVE pack to go with his muscled arms!  Don't you think if I were a druggie I would have had ready answers to get the stuff?  Do you think the druggies are really deterred?  No, only me.

This is what I did on the Fiber Group Piece yesterday.  I did some free motion quilting around the leaves and created a flower.  And I added some of the cheesecloth I dyed after the Marianne Williamson class.  It was easy sewing it down.  I used poly nylon thread and used the free motion foot.  The only problem was the open toe foot catching on the open weave of the cheesecloth.  But I worked it with the foot facing away.  If that makes any sense.  I worked it backwards, so to speak.  And it didn't catch on the strings as much.

Another solution would have been to stop, change the foot to the CLOSED free motion foot, but that would have been too easy, you know.

Here is my list of to do this week:

1.  Cotton Robin Block
2.  Fiber Piece
3.  River City Challenge
4.  Low Volume Baby for Carrie
5.  Two teal baby quilts for Carrie (twins)
6.  Star Quilt I want to make
7.  Modern Signal Flags
8.  Get ready for retreat
9.  Make backings for several quilts
9. Quilt those quilts and get them out of the waiting pile
10.  Decide who will get quilts this year!


  1. that is crazy! I have not had to ask for something behind the counter that works for my allergies but seeing as you asked for just one box it should have been given to you! I really don't think the pharmacist has the right to diagnosis you and tell you what you can or can not take. Can your doctor give you a prescription for it even though is is OTC? my allergies are worse than normal this year too and I am taking 3 different things at various times of the day - what is with allergies this year


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