Friday, January 31, 2014

Sophie Junction's Tea Towel Challenge

If you are keeping up with Sophie's Tea Towel Challenge over at her wonderful blog Sophie's Junction then you will know I should be further ahead than I am right now.

What else is new?

So I plan on working on it this weekend.  Stop in and see if I have anything done on it.

Maybe I will start tomorrow after I
get some work for CAAWS done.  We were the lucky recipient of a large donation of $25,000.  A huge donation, in fact.  And the donor has said that if we match the donation, he will add additional money.  So CAAWS has constructed the CAAWS Big Money Match Campaign.  We will launch it in 17 days at the CAAWS Mystic Krewe of Mutts Parade on Feb 16, Sunday.

I need to get some signage and sandwich boards made and work on some direct mail.

In a week or so when it all comes together on the website, I am hoping that each of you will visit our website at and make a donation of even a single dollar toward that program.  100% of the money CAAAWS takes in goes to the animals in some way.  No one takes a salary, we all work for love!

Kelly should have a specific donation button up next week.  For those in Baton Rouge, look for us on the morning TV
programs talking about the parade and the CAAWS Big Money Match!  If you want to help with the parade or the Big Money Match Campaign please email me and let me know.  We need bodies too!

This is the first big project since I became President.  Whew!  Hard work making money for Spay and Neuter!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting and good things happening for CAAWS. Yay you! As for the Tea Towel Challenge, I am right there with you, needing to get started soon. I plan to focus on it in February ... we'll see how that goes :-)

  2. Yes, me, too. I lost my towel completely, and had to order another one.


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