Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top Complete - Now We Need A Name

Since I am not retreating, I worked out at the gym for an hour or so and had lunch with Frank.  After
vacuuming the house I settled into the sewing room with my trusty Quilt Dog DiNozzo.

I squared up the center and then finished the borders on the leaves.  I am trying now to figure out what it needs to be named.  I have some names in the wings waiting for the perfect quilt.  Lets see if I can find the perfect name for the quilt!
The fabric for this quilt came entirely from my stash.  I searched high and low for colors to combine, colors that would go with things I had already pulled.  then when all the leaves in the center were done, I looked once again to the stash to find the inner border and the outer border.  I can say  that i would never have chosen that fabric had I gone to the quilt shop!  But I think it works.  And it was "free".

The pattern is called Autumn Colors and was designed by Cynthia Regone of Cajun Classic Quilts.  She has papers that make the triangles easy and uniform.  It really speeds the process.

My total fabric  usage for this quilt top is:

18+18 Fat Quarters = 9 yards
3/4 yards inner border
2  yards for outer border and triangles

Size is 71 x 63 so it is a large quilt.

Still need the backing and the binding and it needs to be quilted.  But I can do that this  weekend maybe.  It needs to be complete by the March meeting of Remember Me so I have a lot of time.  But I am  looking forward to having it as my OPAM finish for February!

I am auditioning things like:

Searching for the Utopian Forest
the Nightingale Sings in Berkeley Square
Sitting Up Waiting For You

What things  can you come up with?  Give it a try

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