Friday, January 24, 2014

We DID Get Snow!

So to speak.  I know y'all are gonna laugh, but the city is shut down, the Mississippi River Bridge is closed, the one on the Interstate 10 -a major East/West artery.  The schools are closed; people are not going to work. 

Actually it is more freezing rain, we can hear it quitely hitting the ground.   Frank is home, cozy in his office making phone calls. 

And Charlene should talk!  She got way more snow than we have!  And we think that is no fair!

Here is our city-shutting-down-snowfall:


  1. Hey, don't hate! The ground is covered but I still can't build a snowman. I did however get s snow morning off b/c of the black ice in this area.

  2. I've been texting with my family in the Baton Rouge / Hammond area today. My sister made it to work from Hammond to Baton Rouge - she gets an early start each morning. It looks like she will have difficulty getting home from BR to Hammond. The last time we looked 190 was open, or there are other family members she can stay with is another option. I'm glad you and Frank are home, safe and warm! We (in Arkansas) were 12 degrees this morning and I'm very thankful with no percipitation! Blue sky and sunshine for us - we're usually the ones getting the icey conditions!

  3. You people are snow wimps :-) lol! But then again I would take any excuse for a day off willingly


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