Friday, January 24, 2014

A Day of Freezing Rain and a near Quilt Finish

Frank actually had to meet a client in Geismar, about an hour east toward New Orleans.  He made it there using the old back roads.  I stayed home, had butternut apple soup I made a few days ago and a square of Ghiradelli chocolate.

Chloe was very upset because late in the afternoon one of the fire alarms started that beeping that tells you the battery needs changing.  She was so scared of the sound all she wanted to do was go sit outside in the 22 degree weather!  We got the batteries changed but the sound continued.  How many sit coms have you seen lately where the characters ended up taking ALL the alarms down and stomping them to bits!  We almost had a Basset doing that today!

All day long, the frozen rain fell on the city.  It never got above 26-28 degrees.  It did accumulate a bit, but the most interesting thing was the icicles that formed on everything, the bird feeder, the eaves, the car.

So I spent a day quilting the Low Volume Baby Quilt for Carrie to give her friend.  Carrie designs buildings but she cannot see the architecture of a quilt and the quilting yet.  It is what we take for granted.  Or, maybe, what some of us struggle with as well.  I had this fabulous panto of an elephant and she loves elephants.  I would have thought she would love the combination.  But no!

 She wanted a single echo inside each block.  I even tried to talk her into a couple of echo lines in the blocks,
but she was having none of it.

I used a paperpiecing add a quarter ruler to use against the hopping foot to give me a straight edge.  It worked in about 95% of the time!  Which is good for a first time makeshift ruler work.

So it is done and needs a binding.  I will go to the quilt shop tomorrow and see if I can get a pale grey or yellow to finish it off.


  1. It took my sister about 4.5 hours to get home from BR to Hammond! I know she got behind a de-icing truck around Denham Springs, at least she was safely behind it! I love your photos, from your new camera no doubt! I still want to send you a photo of my Basset/Lab Marley.

  2. oh my kitties hate hate those alarms - they always go off in the middle of the night, and the ceilings are too high, and I think the sound really hates their ears... one time I put them in the car and we camped out there all night cause it was just too traumatic for them. Oh the things we do for our pets!!


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