Sunday, January 26, 2014

WheW! It has been a busy weekend!

 Carrie and I got together yesterday and today.   So I spend all moring making lasagna so Andrew would come and put my computer on the cloud box. (It was amazing!!!!!  The Lasagna, I mean.)

She wanted to quilt the twins baby quilts herself!  Wow!  A total and complete first!  So she came by today and we fired up the Avante and she quilted the two quilts!

And they look awesome!

Here are the backs I made with the babies names!

And the fronts.

I will have the quilted photos for you tomorrow.  My  batteries died.  Of  course.

But are they unreal!

My stash report looks fabulous!

For January
Used this month -11.18
bought this month 3.5
plus or minus -7.68

Used this week -6.83
bought this week 3.5
plus or minus -3.33

Total for 2014
used this year -11.18
bought this year 3.5
plus or minus -7.68


  1. They look great and you are in the black too.

  2. Fun baby quilts. Great idea using snowball blocks in the border of your header picture.


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