Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two More in the Finish Column!

I sucked it up and put on my big girl panties and finished two more baby quilts.  I have no idea why I don't like this portion of making a quilt, but I do.  Maybe because it is that finishing is so final.  it is not hard, so that must be it.

Do you find finishing is a drag too?

(PS, we had some freezing rain today when I was out making groceries.  Now it is just freezing and the sun is shining.)

The Baby Blocks is made from two UFO random blocks found in one of the many boxes in my overcrowded room.

And the Dinos is the second one made from a large funky dinosaur print with lots of friendly dinos hanging around.  I used a lot of the leftovers off baby fabrics and got rid of a pile of fabric that was sitting around.  I quilted it with red variegated thread and it looks dino-mite! Ohhhh, a cute name.....write that down.

And they sat until I started doing the 2014 OPAM (one project a month) getting those UFOs off the floor and into the finished column.

I have a guild meeting tonight and it is the Challenge that will reveal my prizewinning quilt.  So tomorrow I  will post iit an show you all the beauty of the most amazing quilt!

And I will be doing part of the presentation tonight.  Photos in Quilts.  I am toting my light box to the meeting.

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  1. I must be weird, but the finishing is my favorite part. It's the most relaxing and I like putting in the last stitch and having that feeling of accomplishment.


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