Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Challenge Piece - Matisse Lady

Not a winner!  I really think that group is so stilted by the fact it is an ART quilt that they just need to have a  traditionally pieced quilt.  A pieced heart sewn on to a SWEATSHIRT won over my piece!  And a Mardi Gras block.  Geez.

LOL.  Not.

Here it is.  Don't you think it is wonderful?  Say nice things to me.......I need it!

I used the colors of the table and the dress in the binding.  I didn't want the glaring red to interrupt the flow of color off the piece
 Here is the block in the quilt.  It is the place mat on the table.
 Her face.  I was slow to put the features in, fearful I would mess them up.  Her hair looks good, I really like the wispy look to it.  I did elongate one side, but I like that look as well.

The chair!  I love the way the chair came out.  It looks like wood even.  You know it is a wooden chair she is sitting in.

She is rich, see her huge diamond!  I used gold for her chain, I wanted a heavy chain but light enough to not overpower the diamond.

Her dress looks puffy, like she is in it.  I could have quilted it more heavily but I liked the look of her body in the dress.

Here is the original Matisse called Lady in Yellow Dress.  And yes, it took me a few minutes to realize that I  had not flipped it, hey, that is probably why they thought it was not good!

Anyway I think it is good.  And I got paid for the presentation!

Anticlimactically - what does one do next?  Maybe this one.

Or maybe this one..........what do you think?

I am hooking up with Nina Marie and the Off The Wall Friday gang, go check them out and see what other great stuff is happening today.


  1. Wow, Glen, that is fabulous! Matisse is one of my favorite artists, and you have done him justice!

  2. Your piece has power in its bright color scheme. It is a simple composition with much to study. What is most important is that you enjoyed making the piece. It is how you judge your work and not how others judge it that counts.

  3. WHAT! Who are these people that do the judging? Must be a conspiracy or big playoffs going on - Louisiana mafia perhaps? This quilt is fabulous and it is downright impressive. Your peers here in the off the wall community have spoken. But then again we might like it because we are so off the wall. - but a happy bunch :-)

  4. Your quilt is wonderful. I am gobsmacked. Is the lady with the sweatshirt facing some big life challenges? Maybe her friends in the group decided she needed to win. Will all the challenge "quilts" be displayed in the guild's show? I suspect if the entries were viewed outside the guild, you wouldn't be alone in scratching your head and wondering why yours wasn't the winner.

  5. The piece turned out great! As long as you are happy with your work then that is all that matters!

  6. That is so much better than a heart on a sweatshirt, some guilds just don't get it. It's wonderful, you should be proud of yourself.

  7. I feel your pain. If people don't get it, you feel like it's unappreciated and it is. The fact is, if people know Matisse, they will see the care you took, the concepts and the workmanship. I get it and like it so much. You belong in our little group interpreting artists, STAT, and I could use your imput on doing Toulouse-Lautrec next. I have done two sketches but am un inspired.
    VERY good job. I love the hair, love the black line on the red chair and believe you captured Matisse's style. Show it to other artists and see what they say.
    I entered a challenge in my trad guild with the word "fan" I did a 3-d willow tree, geisha, silk painted fan, water scene,. A baby quilt made with 6 inch squares won.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  8. Oh....yours is beautiful. I really like the binding...that took planning and work. Some judges don't understand the Art value, especially if they are more traditional minded.

  9. The binding colors meant you thought it through, I've done that and it takes extra work to get the colors placed just right, great job! Judges are fools, everyone has a story like that, I got marked off for having to piece my border instead of spending the big$$ to buy enough fabric for one long piece. Idiots right?

  10. Glen, why worry when you know it is good!


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