Thursday, February 13, 2014

What To Do When You Are Snowed In

I read a post yesterday that said Barbara Brackman suggests you make 20 HSTs a day until you see a daffodil!  LOL.  I like that.

Years and years ago, like 25, when my beautiful Pepsi was alive, she was my  very first Greater Swiss girl.  And so sweet.  She loved to take her bones and bury them in the yard.  We had "bone pits" all over the place.

I shared a 150 bulb purchase with a friend.  I took those 75 bulbs and planted them in all my gardens, up and down the fence, everywhere I could think of.  I had about 15 left over that i put in the very back of the yard I thought no one went in.  Research on my brand new first time internet service told me how how to plant them.  It was so cool.

the sites recommended putting a bit of bone meal in the bottom of each hole before putting the  bulb in.  I did so, never once thinking about it being made of real bones.

The next day, every one of the 75 bulbs were dug up and destroyed and Pepsi was one sick girl.  The only bulb that was left was a daffodil that is in the garden by the back patio, which has been dug up twice since  for foundation work.  It is pressed up against the patio, not even centered anymore.

But every year it blooms and reminds me of my sweet girl, and I shed a tear.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I brought daffodils and crocus from my yard in Dover to Akron. The daffodils are thriving but the crocus met their demise with the deer. The deer will eat the crocus, but the daffodils are poisonous to them. We still have quite a snow pack so it will be awhile before I see mine come up.

  2. What a beautiful young lady in the photo!


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