Thursday, February 13, 2014

Where Does My Time Go? The Devil Dog Ate It!

I have no idea.  I have been asking that all week.

I should be so far ahead.  At least I have my Fiber Group piece done.  Well, mostly done. I need to figure out how to out a backing on it.  I want to find some of those wool army blankets to back these small art quilts with.  Carol, what do you use?

I have a meeting at 4, and the dogs get dinner at 5.  We get dinner after that!  It will all get done, maybe I can squeeze some quilting in there too.

Tomorrow I get my hairs done, as they say here in Cajun-Land.  Then lunch with Carrie to deliver the 3 baby quilts, Teal Twins Myles and Luke and the Low Volume Baby.

 this is part of one off my quilts from 2005.  I used a heavy weight fusible, for whatever reason.  But I did.  It is finished to the top stage.  It is one of the UFOs I need to quilt and get out of that pile.  The quilt was in one of the magazines I subscribed to at the time.  McCalls, Quilter, something.  I will have to research that when I finish it.

Now I just need to find the time!

I thought you would enjoy this.  I took a photo of McGee yesterday while I was testing out my rechargeable batteries that were not recharging.

DEVIL DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He must have been mid-bark and the flash caught the reflective coating on the back of his eyes!

He looks like one of those evil clowns!  With green glowing light bulbs for eyes!


  1. He does look devilish, was he born on 6-6 - 06 by chance? As for the backing of small quilts - I use a thin batting and back with fabric like any other quilt. But then I always quilt mine, if you weren't quilting it, well I don't know. I always use the triangle hanging thing in the back also. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask and I'll find the link that explains it.

    1. Ok, that was bizarre - the numbers in the prove your not a robot thing to post my comment had 666 in the numbers. Ya think Pepsi is telling us something from across the bridge?

  2. Hairs done?? Are you waxing or fixing?? I laughed whether you were removing some you don't want, or sprucing up the ones you have!


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