Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sewing Like I Was On Retreat!

Well, not really, but more than I normally could get to sew.  My problem is not the time, but finding the time when someone else can keep a eye on McGee.  DiNozzo just lays by me or looks out the window.  McGee eats stuff.  Maybe that will be a positive point of Carrie and Andrew being here.

I decided to get the Chicken Dance as far along as I could.  I will have to deal with the outside borders are sort of wavy.  I need to address that before I go futher on the chickens.  But, I got the center done.  All the chickens, the green behind the chickens, the apples, the vines and the orange behind the vines are done.

After I took the Chickens off, I put one of the baby quilts on and decided to do a close hand drawn straight lines.  Very modern for a very modern quilt. And Carrie actually likes it!

I really like those lines.  The back is a neutral Ecology Cloth which requires a nice hand on the machine stitching!

Nothing finished but the baby quilt is close!

I also put together the Aquatic Challenge for the Fiber group.  Then I found out we were cancelling the meeting in favor of the Slidell GSQA Show.  My Matisse Lady is hanging in that show!

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  1. Yes! The lines really off set the chevrons or zig zags nicely - you did your part for international quilting day for sure;-)


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