Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Road Trp to Quilt Corner

Sounds like an idyllic village to live in, doesn't it.  It is!

Quilt Corner was once owned by a good friend of mine.  She sold it and I became friends with the new owners after a time.  And when they made the decision to become an online store, I was unhappy.  My preferred method of buying fabric is to feel it.

After a time it was sold to my new best friend, Margaret.  She became my new best friend when I bought my HandiQuilter Avante long arm last year at the Houston Show.  She is the HQ Dealer!

I finally made my first road trip to visit her.  And I saw a quilting friend Joni who works there!  Hi, Joni!

I went looking for bobbins and came home with these wonderful things.   Oh, by the way, I DID get the bobbins!  You never know!

 A tray to hold all the little things that you accumulate and NEED at hand when you are at the machine.  Ingenious!

Here  are photos of it empty and with stuff in it and how it fits on the rails.  It just sits there and easily slides if you have to move it or need to use it closer to where you are.  Ingenious!

Wheel clamps to make the machine only go left and right so you can make very straight lines. There was a big discussion on the HandiQuilter blog last week.  I knew about them, and thought they would be useful, but made no move to get any.  Now I have them.

A VersiTool Ruler to use for ruler work on the machine.  If you remember I used my Add-A-Quarter ruler on the Low Volume Bricks baby quilt for Carrie's friend.  I want to begin collecting these rulers that have various shapes for the long arm.  Joni told me that she has used a bowl and some other things.  I never thought of that!  Hmmm........

And maybe best of all, I got signed up for the TNT Class - Tension and Thread.  Boy, do I need that!

Or is it Thread and Tension?


  1. Sounds like a VERY worthwhile road trip!!

  2. Yay...quilter toys! Makes the quilting life easier. I think I could use a TNT class also...seems to be one of my biggest problems!

  3. Thumbs up on the TNT class! Thanks for sharing.


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