Sunday, April 6, 2014

Design Wall Monday 4-7-14

I need to go to the quilt shop or somewhere there is a large table so I can trim the edges on KerBoom!  Once I get it trimmed up I can put the binding on and it will be


And  there are another few things that need to be trimmed and the binding worked on.  Actually there are three I believe.  I need to get working on my OPAM finishes for the new month.  

My project for the Fiber Group next week (Sunshine on the Water) needs to be sandwiched and beaded........Might as well use the newly acquired knowledge!  

I will show you some of the beading when I get started on it.

I  will connect to Judy's Design Wall when she gets it fixed.  She set it for 8 PM rather than to go live this morning.

Wake up Judy!

Another Judy, Judy Momenzada, told me that one of my pieces
hangs in their booth  when they set up a show as a vendor.  It is my hummingbird piece from one of her patterns.

Not this one!  LOL.  I still can't get to most of my stuff due to the Great Router Disaster but this is a nice nude that begs to be done in fabric!  (I added the in fabric when I re read the line.  She is not begging to be done, but the king might be begging!)


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  1. Ok let's catch up - what was it McGee ate?

    The KerBloom quilt is beautiful! Too bad we are so far apart. You could come over and use my 8' table to trim your quilt!

    The gadgets for your long arm are cool especially the thing to hold stuff! Did you ever find the 15 bobbins you bought before or did you buy more?

    I love corduroy! I will be headed to the next town two Saturdays in a row to get a perm one Saturday and then color and a haircut the next. I go right by a big Goodwill store. You have inspired me to stop in and see if I can find any treasures!

    Love, love, love the quilt from the Mingei Collection. I will have to take some time and check out the website.

    The close proximity of the bead shop sounds like a dangerous situation!


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