Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Several Sort Of Finishes

Just what did I get done on that list from this morning?  Well, actually less than the list but more than I thought I would.  How's that for an answer!  Oh, and Carol, I would have gotten mmore done had I not had to wait in line for multiple people to get their fabric cut.  It is tough having to spend more time than I wanted to in a quilt shop......full of fabric........with sales going on........and people who know me.............but I digress.

Ohhhh!  It looks like they have found that  plane in the Indian Ocean.  I am so glad for those people.  I hope it is.  I can't imagine the implications if it is not in that ocean.  

I picked  up another Modern Robin Box from the Modern guild Meeting last night.  When I got home I took it out of the box and immediately knew exactly what needed to be done!

I got out the booklet that PattyA sent me from the class she teaches on Improvisational Piecing.  I told her she needs to send it off to a publisher!  It is good!  I easily made the next round on my piece.

Here is what it looks like.

You didn't think I was going to actually show you the colors so you could figure out which one I have, did you?


It looks real African in style.  Maybe it will get some giraffes in the next incarnation!  I don't think the owner of the center block thought it would go this way.  That is what makes this so much fun.

What else did I get done?

I called J & B Quilt Shop in Lafayette and ordered two more yards of the green I need for my Tea Towel Quilt.  So glad that is working out I was not sure I was going to be able to get the right color.   Now I can work on it again.

I got to the Red Stick Quilt Shop and found they were having a sale.  Oh, no!  I got my KerBloom! trimmed up and promised I would come back after lunch and bring more customers!

Ann and I had a nice lunch and hurried over to the shop to buy some sale stuff.  I got 6 yards of Moda  black!  Boy did I need that.  And 4 more yards of the sale fabric, which is still in my car and I will show you tomorrow.  I already added that to my Stash Report and with the KerBloom! finish soon it will more than balance it out.

I got the binding for KerBloom! sewed together and sewed on the quilt.  Now I can take some time to hand stitch the binding down and call it an official finish!

So this is what that list looks like:

1.  Trim KerBloom! (most likely at the Quilt Shop) which requires a road trip!
2.  Put  borders on Machine
3.  Load another quilt on the frame and begin quilting, most likely Star (need flashy name)
4.  Work on Sunshine on Water for Fiber Group
5.  Finish binding on Buggy Barn Dogs
6.  Get more green grey for Tea Towel
7.  Look at Chicken Dance to see what it needs next.  Poor thing!
 8.  Work on  Modern Robin!

I added #8 just so I could cross it off!


  1. At least you got a few things off your list. I am a list maker too! It helps keep me on track and so I don't forget things I want to get done. Thanks for the shout out! I will report on my blog tomorrow on how the lecture goes tonight. I am going to talk about double cut stripes and multi layer. Maybe that will give them enough of a taste they will want me to do a workshop.

  2. That's what I need - a list. It does feel good to be able to cross things off. Can I put sitting for an hour reading blogs to that list? Yes I will make a list :-)


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