Thursday, April 3, 2014

The End Is Near!

I Can Sure Get Myself Into Trouble!  Yes Siree Bob!

Here I am, for the last two days quilting my little fingers to the bone on the KerBloom! Quilt. 

Minding my own business, just quilting away.  And I am coming down to the end.  The last row.  You know the feeling, you are almost there.  Whether you quilt on a domestic head or a long arm, that feeling when you reach the last row is the same.

The end is near!


Ruh -Rho!

Before putting this quilt on the frame, I made the backing to the size needed.  It was the right size, I swear!

But when I got to that last row.......this is where the end of the backing hit the quilt top.  I must have put it on sideways.


(That is not exactly a direct quote.)

I need at least another foot on there.  So my current plan is to get a piece of fabric a foot by whatever length, baste it to the short back and then quilt the remaining foot of the quilt.  I figure that people hand piece quilts and quilt them, so I can handpiece a back and quilt it. 

Since I am quilting a dense pattern I am sure it will be sturdy.

Oh, but I can get myself into trouble.  Yes, I can.


  1. I call that quoting from the book of the 4 letter word.

  2. It has happened to the best of us!

  3. That quilt is gonna be gorgeous though , worth the hassle. I have done the same thing and the hand stitching will work just fine

  4. That is a lot of extra work you weren't planning on! Well, at least the problem is fixable.


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