Friday, April 4, 2014

There is a Fix For Everything.......Just About

Thanks to my wonderful friends........Carol, Patty, Suzette and Flamingo (a no reply kinda gal!).....for supporting me in my time of great need.  I was about to sell off all my fabric and quit.

Not really.

But I was not

all that happy.

Hey, I think I may have some of the fabric on the top leftover.  Maybe that will do and clear out a pile of stuff in my room.  Yes.  I will go look.  Later.

 But first. It is only 10:30 and I have had a day already.  Here is a blow by blow and their appropriate fixes.

Fix #1 - My router died last week.  Andrew said it fell somehow and is no longer working.   I bought a new one, but it won't let me connect to whatever ethereal mists in the universe that hold "the cloud".  that means I can no longer get to my documents, programs, photos;  basically LIFE.  And Andrew won't be here until Monday again.  If that.  I can't deal with this.  I need to rip it out of the wall and go hide in a cave.

Fix #2 - My subscription to Modern Quilts Unlimited expired and I cannot send a re-up order to them because of the router deal.   I called and left a message with Tiffany and told her about the situation.  I got a call back and my phone said, Colorado so I didn't answer it.  It was Tiffany!  Aughh!  I called back, gave her my info and got renewed.

Fix #3 - I am participating in the Louisiana Traveling Quilt with a Modern Guild in Northeast Louisiana.  We start in May.  I am so excited about it so I have been looking for great themes for my quilt.  I found what I wanted and ordered it from a quilt shop in Toronto Canada.  It came yesterday, and McGee ate it today.

So I called them this morning, (no computer router thing, remember?) and after they stopped laughing at me and McGee they are sending me another one.

I am sending them McGee in return.  Pack your bags, dog!  And bring the Sherpa Coat I bought you, you will be cold!  HA HA

Fix #4 - go to Taco Bell and get a #11 - three Doritos tacos and a huge Dr. Pepper for lunch...........


  1. Look how dependent we've become on our computer yet thank goodness the telephone still exists! What would you do without McGee? He keeps life interesting and you wouldn't have stories to entertain us!

  2. I'm new to this so need some coaching. What do you mean no reply gal?

    McGee should be their poster cjikd

  4. I live in Louisiana, so i am really interested in that Traveling Quilt thing. Would you please send me an email with any information you can share. ( I'd love a chance to attend the show.

    Your McGee stories are hilarious. Thanks for sharing your bad days with us.


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