Friday, May 30, 2014

Fish Rubbing?

Gyotaku (Japanese 魚拓, from gyo "fish" + taku "rubbing") is the traditional method of Japanese fish printing, dating from the mid-1800s. This form of nature printing may have been used by fishermen to record their catches, but has also become an artform on its own.

Oh, now I MUST get a dead fish and rub it!

Want to join me???????  I bet I will freak those Fiber Group people  out if I actually brought a rubbed fish to the meeting.

It  might take some courage to actually touch a dead fish.  If it were a t-bone it would definietly be easier.



  1. Do you know that they make rubber fish replicas to use for gyotaku? When I became fascinated by that Japanese art, I quickly knew I couldn't deal with the dead fish aspect and found the substitutes. And speaking of cool fish prints, check out the discharged fish print at the bottom of this post: Thermofaxing.

  2. I have seen this technique before and thought this was a very cool thing to do! I wouldn't want to spend money to buy a whole fish and then just throw it away since it probably wouldn't be a good idea to cook it after you smeared paint all over it. The idea of using a rubber fish doesn't appeal to me - it seems like a copout. Hum? What to do?

  3. Now this is an idea I gave never heard of - I like it!


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