Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quilting Wiith Something Other Than Fabric - Part 2

I guess you are wondering what in the world I could have for a Part 2 for the color catchers!  But I have another wrinkle for your brain.

I was in CVS with Frank and while he was checking out I saw a display of the small rolls of duct tape.  I grabbed up 3 rolls and shoved them into his pile and he bought them!  Voila!    I think they were like $2.99 each.

And I think they are like 3/4" wide.  And in fun colors. These are the three I settled upon for my block.

I needed a base to put the tape on so I got some waxed paper.  one thing I learned quite quickly was when you take the tape off the roll you are stretching it.  Let is rest and fall back into static position so it is relaxed.  Otherwise your waxed paper sheet will curl!

Here is the tape strips on the waxed paper.  nice!

And here are my blocks cut from the pieces with my rotary cutter.  It glided through the tape nicely. 

I butted the pieces against each other and did a short medium length zig zag stitch.  The needle had to be changed because it was all gunked up with glue when I finished. 

I did have to put pressure on the tape blocks to get them to move under the foot.  But it worked fine.

This needed to be an actual quilt so here are my layers.

Top  - Batting - Backing.  Just like a real quilt.  Hey, it IS a real quilt.......

This is the easiest way to bind a quilt.  Pull off some tape, put it against one side, fold it over and you are done! I think I will bind ALL my quilts like this in the future. 

Here is the top
<<<<<---------- p="">

Here is the back  --------->>>>

And it is actually quilted using free motion quilting.  It was after this that I tossed the gunky needle!


  1. My favorite part is the duck tape binding. You really made it work.

  2. You are on fire! So creative and cool - speaking of fire , have you tried burning an edge of that color catcher stuff? Wonder what that would do?


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