Sunday, May 11, 2014

If You Are a Vegetairan -- Avoid This Post! There is a Quilt Though

I have some friends who are veggies, as we call them.  And I can eat with them.  And cook with them.  And I have a great repertoire of recipes we share.  But this is not one of them.  This was for my carnivorous family.   Carrie kept taking photos of the food and sending them to Andrew who was with his mother on the other side of the river.

Yes, we had them, the famous ribs.  I did both beef and pork so we could compare and see which one we really liked better.  I think it was a complete tie!

Oh my! But they were good.  This is them after 2 hours wrapped in aluminum foil in the convection oven but before the grill outdoors.

Just to show you we did have something that would not clog your arteries totally -- we had a fruit salad and Frank's potato salad, a favorite among our friends as well.

Oh, and yesterday I did get to sew while Frank doggy sat.

I constructed the backing for a cow quilt and I pulled the spools out of a box that I found when I moved it to make room to cut the cow back. I gave up on the Spools a while back.  They were a lotto block set I won from River City.  I got frustrated when the first row seams didn't  match up with the next row  seams and I needed to take them all apart and start over.  I found they didn't all needed to be taken apart.  Just the ones that needed to be trimmed.

It is a fun quilt, with all different kinds of spools of exotic thread.  Black background makes it dramatic.  Here are some of the spools, I ran out of bobbin thread and stopped last night.  The blocks are 10 inch squares and I have 6 in a row.  I think I have 6 rows.  Maybe it is 5, I can't  remember.   So I will decide if I need to make two quilts or one larger one.  Maybe tomorrow I will make that decision.

And I will get some photos of my Mother's Day Present for you!


  1. The ribs look great although I don't eat ribs - I just felt you cringe. So glad to hear you are getting your cow quilt done! That is just too funny and then to find the spool quilt and work on it!

  2. I'm a vegan...and not at all offended by those that eat meat! You only enjoy life once...and we all have different pleasures. I love your quilts (and yoyr dogs!)


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