Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stash Report and Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all my Mom friends out there.  Carrie told me she would come bring me begonias, those giant dinner plate dahlias and coleus for my back stone patio.  She will then plant my flowers.  Andrew said he would come if I made him those ribs. 

I can do that.

My Stash Report is totally pathetic this week.  I guess it is OK, I have done so well by not buying much up till  now.  But then the Fabric shop decided to close and darn it if she didn't put fabric on sale.  I went nuts.  Got that stuff I showed you a couple of days ago.  Marvelous stuff.  It is sitting by me right now and I am gazing at it lovingly.  I am glad it came home with me rather than someone else.

Sigh....I went from minus 43 yards to a minus of only 11 yards.  But I am STILL in the red (Unlike SOME people I know west of here!)  Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!

My used stuff was the Star Quilt Backing and Binding and the pieces that will go off to Patty, and finishing up the Cotton Robin that I was struggling with.  Wait till you see it!  It is so cool!

Used this week -8.5
Used this month -8.5 used this year -87.5
bought this week 31
Bought this month 31 bought this year 76
plus or minus 22.5
plus or minus 22.5 plus or minus -11.5


  1. Tomorrow I would like to see a picture of those ribs.................LOL

  2. Yep, and I added more yesterday! (Tongue stuck out!)

  3. I just checked my stash year to date and oh my - have I lost my freakin' mind? My usage for the year is -30.75. My purchases - 134.875! What ?!!! See that is the problem with keeping track - now I know I need to stop buying until I get some stuff made.


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