Wednesday, June 18, 2014

52 Photos Gallery - Week 7 - Powder Blue

Belle sent out  a prompt of  Powder Blue this week.  She sends the prompts out on Sunday and we get a few days to think on it and get some photos together.  And on Wednesday the gallery opens and we begin posting our photos.  I have seen some incredible photos in the last couple of weeks.  People are so creative!

 Here is a photo you have seen already but he is the perfect shade of blue for this challenge!  I think it is unbelievable to find this color under the oceans of our world. 

At my daughter Carrie's Easter Brunch she had an Easter Egg Dyeing tray that also matches the color challenge well. 

Those were some interesting eggs.  There was only one kid there and a bunch of adults so the adults were the ones dyeing the eggs!  I think these are all safe for publication! 

Check out the photos my compatriots have submitted at:  52 Photos - Powder Blue


  1. I think that Blue Fish should be an art quilt!

    Is the LA Marty my Marty from Monroe? I think I pointed you to one another at one point.

  2. That fish is the coolest! I wanted to comment about the fiasco with your mothers taxes - being the PA , would it come back on you of she just didn't file? I mean they are making it almost impossible for her to file so don't.. Unless you would be getting in trouble. The whole thing is ridiculous but then that is what our government does.

  3. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish - one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. I love your blue fish!


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