Monday, June 16, 2014


I love feathers.  I know Sophie loves them too, but I really have a thing for them too.

So when I decided to give myself a present, I went with a feather!

This is T.  When I go back next week II will bring him some exotic flavored teas.  It is his thing.

I love it!

And I am officially a Bad Girl!


  1. :o)

    I heart giraffe. I'd better stay away from the tattoo parlors though. That would make a very tall statement!

  2. Cool! How bad did it hurt? The top of the foot is sensitive. I had been thinking about getting a tat for a long time, but I haven't been brave enough.

  3. Doesn't that hurt? Brave bad girl you are

  4. You go girl!. I've thought able a small butterfly on my ankle, but you're braver then I am!

  5. I have full sleeves! It is the story of PeterPan!


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