Sunday, June 15, 2014

Clean Hands For Fathers Day

I hope you had a great Fathers Day with your family.  We did.  I got up early and made some chicken and sausage gumbo, some rice to go with it and some potato salad.  We also had some BBQ chicken breasts.  As luck would have it, Carrie and Andrew gave him a basket full of different BBQ sauces and rubs.  We tried out the Hawaiian BBQ Sauce, and it was wonderful.

I gave him some Sperry Topsiders.  He looked quite dashing with his white athletic socks --- not!  When Carrie arrived she said, oh, Dad.  Lose the socks.  And he did.  When I said it, he ignored me.   You know.

The dogs gave him a set of Great Course tapes about American History.  He loves to listen to them while he is driving.  He drives a lot, he already has close to 50,000 miles on his Accord and it is just a year in March.  So he will enjoy listening to these tapes.

After dinner and looking at each other's Alaska photos, we went out and looked at the progress on their house.  Boy that is a steep roof!

They headed out for dinner at Andrew's parents (hi Fayne!) and Frank and I headed to BedBathAndBeyond! to get an automatic soap dispenser.  During the week I had decided I needed an automatic soap dispenser.  I searched for one at three stores and ended up finding one at the Big Walmart.  It needed 4 AAA batteries.  So I got them as well.

The thing seemed to have problems and Frank was convinced it was because I used Dawn.  I think it was because he submerged it in water to clean it up.  Needless to say, it had problems.

So sat BBAndB we chose a second soap dispenser and a pack of AA
batteries.  I told Frank if he submerged this one I would make him stand at my sink with the Dawn bottle and dispense my soap.

It works just fine!  Thank you very much.

It was a great day, I hope you and the dads in your life had one just as good!!!

I ahve a few more days of potos from Alaska if you are still interested in seeing the upside down trees and some of Victoria's Buchart Gardens and the butterfly garden.

things are startin to heat up preparing for the surgery.  I have so many appointments for MRIs, chest  x-rays, blood draws, meeting with the prosthetic rep and another with the surgeon for the final run through. Fun, fun, fun.

Oh, and I have a surprise to show you!   Maybe tomorrow!



  1. Tell him Happy Belated Father's Day.

  2. Twice a year I wish I had kids , well maybe 3 - mothers, fathers and Xmas. I feel bad that I didn't see my dad who is slowing down. You are a lucky woman to have such a good family close by .


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