Friday, June 13, 2014

Tracy Arm Fjiord - To the Glacier

 Frank can't say "fjord". He sounds just like those Grumpy Old Men on Sesame Street.


I finally had to tell him he was not allowed to say the word in public.

Here is the general vicinity of where we were.  

And this is what it looked like in real life.

That is me.

And it was cold.

But it was beautiful!

If you look closely you can see the whale that just breached the water.

Some of the bergs were azure.  Andrew says that only a quilter would call an iceberg azure.

Me and Andrew and Andrew and Carrie. 

First we saw whales

Arctic terns on an iceberg.....but wait for it.......

Eagles on an iceberg!

Seals on an iceberg

There were two sets of seals, I think this is the other set.

Seals on an iceberg!  LOL


Sailing down the Fjord

Getting closer to the glaciers because you  can begin to see more icebergs
 the glaciers scraped the land clean. It is a rough beauty.

The glacier.

See the icefield?  It prevented the ship from going further and getting up close.  this is because it is so early in the season still.

  Closeup of the azure color in the icebergs.
 And even so, there are pastures and places that look like it is warm and comfy.  Too bad we didn't have any sun today.  These pictures would have improved exponentially!

Closer view of the ice fields.

And the glacier

Oh, look, Carrie found an eagle!


  1. So unbelievably beautiful - you must make a landscape quilt of that fjord

  2. Stunning! And yes, I'd call it azure as well.

  3. Thanks for the amazing photographs. Have the dogs forgiven you for leaving them for two weeks?

  4. I love see the pictures from Alaska! It is so beautiful!

  5. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing your trip. It will be a trip you will always remember. When are you going back?


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