Sunday, July 13, 2014

Always Make More Lanyards Than You Think You'll Ever Need

Yes, words to the wise.  I had about eight hours home last night and then decided I missed the girls up at the hospital so badly that I came back.  My leg had swelled and it was hurting not from the surgery but from the swelling and the tissues that were encased in some very tight skin.  When my ankle started turning purple I made Frank take me to the emergency room.

And everybody at the hospital was so excited to see me back!

After meeting him, Carrie said my photo doesn't begin to do Dr. Gorgeous justice!

I spent from 3 o'clock to about 7 o'clock in the ER while they hunted Dr. gorgeous down.  He was off in New Orleans somewhere.  Bo was supposed to have things covered here but he had a root canal that day and he fell asleep and had turned his phone down.

The ER doctor was aggravated that we couldn't get anybody so he called the on-call ortho doc and we decided to do some test for white blood count. Which was good no big infection but definitely swollen leg with the red and heat.  

Dr. gorgeous finally called in about the same time Bo showed up. They ordered a scan for blood clots. None were found.  So now I'm getting big-time antibiotics and I'm going to be here again tonight man. My knee gets elevated but it's just hurting from the swelling not knee surgery.

I can tell you that in an emergency Frank is no good. I have to be thinking for both him and I. He forgot his medicine for his heart. He forgot a jacket. But we got through it.  He sat with me all day. Just left to go take care of the dogs and get them fed for dinner.

The doctor who first looked in on me when I got out of surgery back in the room and was talking crazy about docs came to see me today to ask if I had found my ducks.  And the nurses and the CNA's who had taken care of me the last four days all stopped in to say hi.  I'm just across the hall from the room that I was just in

Even the little guy who brings the lunches and dinners brought me my Dr Pepper with a big smile.  He said I knew you like those Dr Pepper so I brought your one!

So if you're looking for me for the next day or so I'll be at the hospital again give me a call


  1. I'm sorry you are back in the hospital, but glad that everyone involved is taking good care of you.

    The positive response to your lanyards has made me think they would be good items for the guild's gift shop at the show. Anyone who works at a hospital, for the state or a large company probably wears a badge ... and quilters can use them to keep track of a small pair of scissors.

  2. I think frank was just worried about you. Glad you took the precaution to go back. Infections can be very bad and we need you around for awhile;-)

  3. So sorry to hear you are having issues. I hope they figure out what is going on very quickly! When I had my surgery two and a half years ago I didn't have time to make any lanyards, but if I ever have to go in again (hopefully never!) I need to be prepared. After you are feeling better may you could post a tutorial on how you made yours. Take care!

  4. I hope you get on your feet again soon!

  5. Yikes! I hope you are feeling better today! It's so sad that you will have to check in with Dr. Gorgeous more than anticipated! :D
    Seriously hope they get your discomfort under control. Sending positive vibes to ya! :) Tracy


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