Monday, July 14, 2014

Dr. Gorgeous came to see me this morning again!

I think he's making up for lost time.

So far this morning I have had a visit from both the PA and Dr. gorgeous, 1000 nurses, an infectious disease doctor, the staff doctor, a social worker, the physical therapy people.  The infectious disease doctor part was scary.

Dr. gorgeous deferred to the infectious disease doctor.

I am speaking this post because I can only use one arm because of the IV.  The wording may be a bit strange because of the nice pain pills I'm on!

Infectious disease doctor was nice.  She said she could transfer me to oral antibiotics and I could go home.  The friendly nurse just came and hung another bag of antibiotics that I think takes two hours.  The hospital doctor Dr. D just came in here and said that I was going home she just didn't quite know when but she's going to go write up the orders. And I need a ride.

The leg status: the leg is still swollen but it is not nearly as red.  And all the doctors are happy about that.  My only complaint has been the IV machine.  They come to fix it and every time they walk out the door it starts beeping again.

I can see the rain and hear the thunder outside. Mcgee is not happy.  Hopefully Frank was able to at least get home and walk him before the storm.

I'm going home today that's the big thing.  I can tell you I'm tired of sitting in this bad. I'm tired of keeping my legs straight. I'm tired of having someone escort me to the potty. I'm tired of everything.

Sophie I think I've outwhined you today!

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  1. glad you are going home, their is no place like it


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