Friday, July 11, 2014

Dr. Gorgeous poses for photot

He came in and looked at my drain.  He said it can come out but he wanted me one more night.  And you know what THAT sounded like!  Paula was here and she wanted to stay too!  LOL

He kneels down by my knee and says, I am going to take your drain out, but he has already ripped it out!  No fair, you needed to give me a heads up!  I wasn't exactly ready.  I know, he says, that was the point.

I told him I had walked 200 feet the first day, but today's distance was 600 feet.  I was tired though..

He say let's take a picture and put it on our website.  Only if you get in it with me!

So here we are?  Verdict is not gay, because he was dating one of  the news gals at Christmas last December


  1. You tease! Your photos aren't coming through for me ...

    It sounds like you're doing great. Keep walking!

  2. I can't see dr. Gorgeous! Tease :-/ glad to hear your doing well


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