Friday, July 11, 2014

My lanyards and tea wallets have become as legend. Even the hospital doc who comes around every day to tell me about my blood work said I thought you would never ask me and I wanted an LSU one so badly!!!

The night nurse was a guy, I was thinking if I could hold it all night till the female nurses came on duty.  he came in to introduce himself and said He'd heard about the lanyards!!!

My pain level is down today from yesterday.  The staff has been attentive and great.  I am impressed with them.

I would come here again!  Hopefully not soon though!


  1. Hi Glen! Glad to hear that you are feeling better. My Mom had both knees done last year because she was afraid that she'd never go back again. A year later she is doing pretty well (she is much older than you and waited too long). I'm sure that your lanyards and tea wallets guaranteed extra special care!

  2. Have a smooth and quick recovery! You will be in my thoughts.


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