Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Five AM Surprise

Having dogs is wonderful. They're great companions and they do love me so much.  McGee, even though he has his wild downside, he's a great snuggler.  When he wants to sit next to you he just looks at you with these beautiful big eyes. He loves me and I know it. DiNozzo follows me everywhere I go. He can't wait for me to reach down and pet him.  Even Chloe will come and sit next to me when she knows my leg is hurting.  She's a very sensitive dog even though she wants to be in charge of everything now the Bonnie Doon is gone.  And little Hugeaux is an amazing cuddler. He stays out of the way the other dogs and makes sure he can see me where ever he's laying.  He is too sweet.

So this morning at 5 AM I hear Frank in there with the vacuum cleaner and the carpet cleaner.

We knew McGee had been having some tummy troubles last night.  The tummy troubles came up at 5 AM in the form of a mole.

So now  we have a clean spot in the carpet and McGee is sleeping comfortably again.


  1. And one less mole in the yard - always a good thing. Dogs know when you're feeling bad - such a comfort

  2. Well, bless Frank's little heart.... sounds like something a kitty would do... hacking up some critter in the middle of the night...
    Well now you know that Frank knows how to run the vacuum and the carpet cleaner !!!


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