Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gallery 16 - 52 Photos - Somewhere You Visited

I have been a lot of places.  Near and far.  Far and wide.  Here and there.  Just about everywhere.

We have been in just about every one the states, Hawaii and some of the very center states notwithstanding.  As a child my father took us up the Eastern Seacoast to Washington DC and down into Florida.  And since we have been married Frank and I have traveled into Canada, through Alaska, down the western coast,  across into the Dakotas and over to Texas ,Utah, Arizona and Nevada.  I have been in hospitals in Wisconsin and visited my cousins in Illinois.  And of course we have driven across the Gulf States and into the Georgia and Carolina areas.  I have shown dogs in a lot of those states.  We drove to Memphis in to bring home my beloved Dutch and to North Carolina to get the Fabulous Bonnie Doon from the top  of a mountain in the Smokies.  I sweated in 110 degrees in Caribou Maine and froze my tootsies off on a glacier.  I have been in both North America and South America, in Europe and Asia.   But not in Australia or Antarctica.  Although we do have a trip planned to Iceland.

We have been in Europe several times but never to Russia (where I have wanted to go forever!)  And I have never been Ohio.  Those may be the only two states in which I have not traveled.  Oh, and Kansas, where my grandfather was born.    So that makes three. 

And if we say there are 57 states...............

It is so hard to decide on so few photos, there have been so many great memories in this great land of ours.  So here goes........

I have seen pyramids in Las Vegas and pyramids in Egypt.

I have seen the tugs in Portland Oregon.

And bananas in Costa Rica.

And sailed upon the beautiful Spirit Lake near Banff Canada.

And we canoed on Lake Louise.

And we have been in so many of the National Parks, this is Yosemite. We had just left Mono Lake.  Check that out some time!

I could go on and on and on.  I hope you have enjoyed my tiny little travelogue!


  1. What an exciting traveling life you've had. Although I haven't been to every state, I have visited various states in each of the 5 regions of the USA. I've also traveled extensively throughout Mexico. There are several European countries I'd like to see, and I'd love to go to Japan too. In addition, my wife would like us to visit Costa Rica and Peru. She spent a year doing missionary work in Peru, and would like to be my guide. Anyway, God willing we'll get our bucket list completed someday. Blessings!

  2. Wow you sure have done some traveling! Never have stepped foot in Ohio, my turf? That is interesting. I am way behind you in the traveling department.

  3. those are some great pictures. Thanks for sharing that with us! :)

  4. Sounds like you are certainly well traveled--I can imagine the collection of photos you have! These are great.

  5. Yes, a fun travelogue. Thanks for the share. Your journey prompted me to revisit a few of my times away from home.

  6. Each of these are perfect! Thank you for adding to {Somewhere you Visited}.

  7. Excellent! Thanks for sharing that with us!


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