Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The great Vibrating Bed Caper

do you think I have my bed yet?

No.  of course not!

I do have the mattresses however......and it is like sleeping on a cloud.  The mattresses are really nice, comfortable and conforming to the body.  I get a good nights sleep if I can fall asleep.  Chloe likes it too.  She has been sneaking into the bedroom and climbing into bed.  Snuggling under the covers, she zzzz's out until I find her and toss her out.  I get a menacing growl and a derogatory swish of her thick tail.  She is all show, and a bit grouchy in her old age.

We are waiting for the bed base, as they call it.  The whole problem is that the Labor Day Sale produced more purchases than they had product.   It has taken them all month to make and ship the products people purchased.

I asked for a higher level person to call me with an explanation as why I still did not have my bed base.  Saturday morning I did get a call from the District Manager.  He said he had already made three calls like mine, and had two more after me.

He also stated that the Temperpedic factory had told him that the orders should be out this week.  But of course , he couldn't guarantee anything.......yes.

We shall see.  I hope to have this bed eventually.  And I really don't. Fault the company, this would happen with any place that sells the bed and mattresses.  It is a factory problem.

And a pitfall of the Zero Inventory System.


  1. See I could have already delivered the ones I own to you by now......You would be vibrating in style already!

  2. Aha! I believe Chloe has paid off the bed company to deliver only the mattress so she can do her snuggles. Maybe if you get her one of her own she will release the hold on the bed base :-)

  3. Kind of takes the fun out of getting the new bed. I will cross my fingers that it is delivered soon!


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