Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Next Great Dr. Seuss Quilt

I have expressed my dislike of the too tall blocks of the Lorax quilt so I decided to channel Patty The Quilt Lady and do some of her Improvisational Blocks.  I figured that Dr. Seuss is crazy and whacked and if I made blocks that are crazy and whacked!  That yells for improvisation!

So I spent the afternoon "boying up" the pastel colors in the book blocks. Oh, No!  It necessitated a trip to the quilt store....of snag some purple.

Here is what I ended up with.  Two versions.  One with sides, one without.  For some reason, I am missing a block.  there should be 10 and there are only 9.  I searched the house.  Twice.  Nothing.  So i took one of the blocks and chopped it in half and made two blocks out of it.  I searched again, nothing.  All I can think is that McGee has it somewhere, and I hope it is not in his stomach.

After Frank came home, and we fed the dogs, he suggested Dairy Queen.  Even though I had leftover Greek Chicken Kabobs, I relented.  Since it is always freezing in there,, I picked up my sweatshirt jacket.  When I tossed it into the back seat of Frank's car, out floats my errant block.

At least is it not in McGee's tummy!  I added it to the top right where there is an open space.

Let me know what you like best.  I have an idea what I like.

Oh..there are two or three spaces I still need to fill but I can do that tomorrow. I need to add purple to the center of the quilt so the spaces should be something purple.

right now it is about 45 by 62 but it will shorten a bit when I get the rows sewn together.  I have more of every fabric except the purple and the blue dot things from the other quilt.I was thinking of doing a border with the yellow dot things.


  1. I really like the wacky purple border - very Seuss like. The green and reddish hourglass blocks are so strong your eye goes immediately to them and takes away from the coolness of the rest though. That's just my impression from the photo and of course in person might be different.

  2. Love the funkiness of this! You are a good student! I love the wacky triangle border that goes all the way around. You will be surprised how much the size of the quilt will shrink when you start sewing everything together. That happened to me when I did the "Where's Jimmy?" quilt.

  3. I like this! The improv blocks and quilt design make it very Dr. Seuss, I think. I like the borders all the way around.


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