Wednesday, October 8, 2014

52 Photos - Landscapes

Oh, this one was made for me just like that travel one was!  I have a computer so full of amazing and beautiful landscapes.  We have seen so many  incredible things over all these years.  I simply cannot even remember them all!

Here are a few of the beauteous moments of my life.

Lake in Northern California

I think this might be Lake Tahoe

 Yosemite National Park - Olmstead Peak

So many incredible things in Yosemite.  We are going again soon and will stay for a week in the park.
Bald Head Cliffs - Acadia National Park in Maine - one of the most beautiful Parks in all of America

Bay of Fundy - St. John, New Brunswick

the tide vary by over 50 feet each cycle.  Amazing place.

Veranzano  Bridge in NYC.  It was beautifully foggy that day we came in. 

And the dark spot in the top center is on the inside of my lens.  I love the camera but who can clean it off?

This is a sunset in Belize.  Sadly, this year we lost our dear cruising friends when Patsy lost her battle with cancer.  We have spent many an hour laughing with them as we looked out on some beautiful countries. 

I know she is looking down on this beautiful earth from some cloud they call "heaven".



  1. Beautiful photos! I have not traveled that much.

  2. WONDERFUL photos . . . thank you for sharing!

  3. What a variety of scenery! They are all quite beautiful.

  4. Great pictures! I wouldn't have known which one to choose, glad you showed them all.


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