Thursday, October 9, 2014

Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

We have two bridges over the giant Mississippi River here in Baton Rouge.  And every day the people coming from the west side to the city have traffic snarls in the morning.  And every day the people leaving the city going home to the west side have traffic snarls in the evening.

Last night, Carrie was the traffic snarl going home.  She totaled her car on top of the bridge hitting a car that was stopped for no apparent reason.  At night, when it is dark creepy on the bridge, she was standing there swaying with the bridge motion and rumbling with the traffic around her.

She said  her 911 call must have sounded hysterical because she could see 18 wheelers flying by her on both sides! 

An by 9:30 pm she was already hurting.  I told her she was going to be worse today and tomorrow.

She is not hurt but her 2 year old Acura SUV did not survive.  She said, Mom, it just folded! 

Poor baby.  Now I can't find her this morning to see how she is doing.   Neither Andrew or Fayne are answering their phones and I am sure that if something is happening they would let me know.  

In other news.  I had a carpentry guy come and measure for a new front door and storm door.  He was optimistic that it would be easy and quick.  I will order the doors today I hope.


My bed comes today at 5 pm!  They have a delivery in Lafayette, about an hour or so west of here, and if they make it across the bridge without incident, I will get my vibration on!!!and ma

Now to find the girl..........and see that she is alright!


  1. I hope Carrie is ok. That had to be scary!

  2. I hope she is ok - maybe you will need to let her recuperate in a nice vibrating bed.


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