Tuesday, October 21, 2014

....and Then the Church Key Went Down the Garbage Disposal

Bet you didn't think I would ever have a church key in my possession!

It is like total opposite, right?  And you know that I always have interesting situations, right?  Well, I did have a church key and it did go down the garbage disposal this morning.

If you know me well, you know I have been leery of the garbage disposal for many years.   When we moved into this house almost 30 years ago, i kept telling  my father that the garbage disposal was shocking me.  He would say something like, there is no way it can do that, you must be imagining it.

I tell you, I wasn't imagining it.  That stupid garbage disposal was really shocking me.  This went on for, maybe two years.  I stopped turning it on and always asked someone else to do it.  Hmmm.  They never got shocked, hmmm.

One day when he was there I adamant about him looking at it.  He said, Alright, let me SHOW you that the garbage disposal doesn't shock anyone.

OK, I said, Bring it on!

He stood there in front of my sink, flipping my stupid garbage disposal on and off, on and off, on and off.  See?  He says, and then.......all of a sudden it hit him!

It knocked him across the room!  And I got a new switch!  But I never trusted that garbage disposal again!  So when I need to zun the disposal, I still get someone else to flip that switch!

Today, I decided to clear out the apple butter and the apple pie filling I canned two years ago.  I just cannot eat it all and Frank won't eat anything that is homemade canned.  I just might kill him, you know.  I realized no one was at home to zun the disposal and I was going to have to do  it.

So I sucked it up and did it. But I turned it on ONCE and let it RUN.  I was using a church key to open the jar tops and pouring it down the sink to disappear into the depths of the earth.

I popped one jar open and the church key flew out of my hand.  It acrobatically twirled up in the air and arched out over the sink......and the INTO garbage disposal!  My reactions were pitifully slow!

I just stood there and watched the church key disappear down the hole.

It made the most god awful noise rattling around down there.  I stumbled over two dogs and a host of dishes in my drainer to reach for the switch.  I hesitated, but only for a split second, when all of a sudden the church key comes flying out of the drain!

I grabbed it but quick!  And turned the disposal off.

Both the garbage disposal and the church key seem to be fine.   Thankfully, I would hate to have to tell Frank that story.  He would not have been amused.......


  1. I've never in my life had a garbage disposal - where does the garbage go?

  2. I needed a good laugh this morning! I thought you were talking about a key for a church! We call them can openers here.


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