Sunday, October 19, 2014

Stash Report 10-20-14

I used about a yard and a half for the Lorax binding and finishing up of some of  the quilts I gave the Physical Therapy people.  And for the Fiber group project on Wednesday.  I have another two weeks before I give the Seuss quilts to the baby mommas.  Maybe I will have the Seuss 2, the second one complete by then.

Here is my Fiber Group piece. The theme this month was "Turn of a Phrase".  I did a nice layered landscape that I called Lay of the  Land.

I built a blog for the group,  we were using a Yahoo group format that was not really working for us.  So we went with a blog.

You can see it here if you would like to see what the others did this month.

As for my usage, I am still working it down.......but slowly!

But at least it is going DOWN and not UP!

Oh wait, I forgot I won the Birthday fabric.  I forgot how much, 4 yards maybe?  Still going down though, albeit not by much!

Used this week -1.5
Used this month -6.33 used this year -114.75
bought this week 5
bought this month 5 bought this year 185.75
plus or minus 3.5
plus or minus -1.33 plus or minus 71


  1. Every chip counts when you are chopping down a tree! Down is down.

  2. You made a landscape of lake Champlain! Nice! At least I am going to believe that is the lake cause it sure looks like it.

  3. So glad you can see better! Your fiber group piece turned out wonderful! I am working away at my stash too. I need to update my spreadsheet for the MM challenge quilt I just finished. I am still behind - meaning, I still bought more than I used, but I hope to at least get close by the end of the year.


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