Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stash, Kiwi Berries and a Machine Cover

It seems that I use very little fabric.  I need to remedy that.  First thing I need to do is to get the Seuss 2 Quilt done so I can give it to them at the shower next Sunday.  That would clear the way for a lot of things.  I switched out two of the blocks and it looks much better to me.   I think I will leave it like this and get it sandwiched this week and then knock the quilting out.  I have an elephant panto that may work. 

Used this week -1.5
Used this month -7.83 used this year -116.25
bought this week 0
bought this month 5 bought this year 185.75
plus or minus -1.5
plus or minus -2.83 plus or minus 69.5

Look what I found at the grocery store!  Kiwi Berries they call them.  The taste just like a kiwi.  Just pop them into your mouth!

I decided last night to do something for myself.  I used about a yard and made a machine cover for my Husqvarna.  The Avante really needs one, but it poses a different problem with its handles that look like antlers!

Here is the cover I made draped over the Avante.  I was testing for size and what I needed to do for the end result cover. 

Carrie moved into her house this weekend.  I helped unpack boxes and put things away in their huge master closet and in the kitchen.  Fayne cleaned the entire time!  We both worked out butts off!  Hugeaux was not in evidence, he hasn't really seen his new house yet. 


  1. do you eat the furry skin and All?? these are the cutest little things ever.
    BTW, I linked to your blog from mine mostly because of your dogs! Mine wrote my post today... good to see you again. I sure wish I knew how to use google plus to advantage. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. I have not seen those kiwi berries around here. They look tasty!


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