Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Little Sewing, A Little Fall

Frank came into my quilt room yesterday, all excited.  We don't often get a grand display of color, we get more subtle tones and random trees turning colors.  A lot of our trees stay green all year.  In fact, you might think my back yard was just a cloudy day in summer!

But the Maple that my across-the-street-neighbor Nancy planted a couple of years ago gave us a dazzling burst of color!

 I spent the day working on a piece from Carol of Quilted Fabric Art.  She does wonderful little vignettes that include beautiful aspects of nature and animals that just soothes your soul.  You just want to be in her quilts. 

Check out her Etsy Store at

I made her rocks!  I love those rocks!  I was thinking that the quilting sucked,  but it actually doesn't look too bad here.  She suggests using the binding method of facing rather than binding.


  1. It came out great! Thank you for testing my pattern :-) here is a link for learning how to Mctavishing a moon

  2. The Etsy link doesn't seem to work :-(

    But the little quilt is beautiful. Looks like you had fun, too.

  3. You scared me with your title "a little fall". I though you might have fallen, but instead you show a spectacular maple tree thank goodness! The majority of our leaves are off the trees especially after the high winds we had on Tuesday.

    The rocks look so realistic!


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