Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Disappointment Today

I went to see Dr. Gorgeous for my 4 month check.  It was a fated visit from the get go.  My appointment was originally scheduled for yesterday but they called on Friday to reschedule.  Just a minor inconvenience as I had to do an errand for a friend today.  But I worked it out.

The Appointment was at 8:30 am but I needed to arrive pre-appointment to get x-rays of the knee in the Imaging Center.  I get there at 7:45 AM but there are no orders.  After 20 minutes of no response from the office, the Imaging Ladies decide to have pity on me and let me get the xrays without the order  in hand.

But FIRST, in an ominous shift of the air, they suggest I get breakfast in the cafeteria.  Or at least coffee on them.  Hmmmm.

"Westworld" Yul Brynner MGM 1973
I get back with a nice hot coffee in hand in about 15 minutes and they send me off to visit with a tech.  She tells me they had a surge last night and none of their machines are working.  So we will "wing it" with the only machine that is working.

I had to climb on a 3 foot tall box to get the front view.  Then I had to lay down and hold my own film box, which was heavy by the way, leaning against my tummy.

And I had to do what amounted to a ballet plie' to the the side view.

All that was fine and dandy.  But the worst part was this.  Dr. Gorgeous now sports a buzz cut. 

Not an attractive move.  I wanted to ask, And you think this makes you look better ?????

It appears that he is beginning to have a male pattern baldness on his forehead sides and the buzz cut just accentuates that............uh......nope.
"Star Trek, The Next Generation" Patrick Stewart 1988 Paramount

Some guys can carry it off, but not this one.  Just sayin'

You know these guys, and you love them! If either knocked on my door, I am outa here!

glen:  I wonder where Jimmy Smits is these days.........


  1. He is on Son's of Anarchy with a gorgeous most beau timeous head of hair.....rahr....

  2. My daughter got me startin' a Husband list - we put men we would marry in a flash on it - she's so funny though, she has real men, as well as cartoon characters (Alladin) - and even qualifiers - like Leo Decaprio - when he was young! I put my list on pinterest (of course I did - LOL) and yes - Patrick Stewart in on it - sighhhhhh

  3. Nina is just to funny ! I hope your x rays show good progress though. I would have Shaun Connery at the top of my list

  4. Your insurance should get a discount for the assistance you gave during x-rays! :o) By the way...I'd go with Howie Long all the way -- former Oakland Raiders football player and currently Fox Sportscaster. :o) Best crew cut anywhere and I think the man will die with all of his perfect hair.

  5. You have more patience then I would. I would have told them to call me when they got their act together! I am a Johnny Depp kind of girl. I have a hard time dealing with men that don't have hair. I had a contractor that turned out to be the poster boy for jerk contractors and he was totally bald.


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