Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jeresy Shore Hook Ups

I decided to call it Jersey Shore Hook Ups!  What a fun exciting title!

I drafted the block in EQ6.  It was easy as pie!  Easy peasy, as they say.  If you don't know how to use your EQ, we need to talk. 

So..........I drafted the block in EQ6, that is the version I have.  EQ7 offers some photo play abilities but EQ6 works just fine.  Althought I would LOVE to have 7, just to be up with the latest of the latest.

I printed the block as a 15 x 15 inch block size.  This meant I had to piece the paper pieces together.  I found an 18 x 22 inch cardboard backing board that was stiff enough be a good template, yet thin enough to cut.  To make is stiffer, I glued two pieces together as well.

I added the quarter inch to the template for the cutting portion.

 Then I hauled out three boxes of scraps and dug through for some imilar colors in a size that would fiit my template pieces.
 I used the template to cut out the shapes of the arc.   I did not cut directly from the cardboard.  I still used my ruler.  I have an Add-A-Quarter ruler but was too lazy to get up and find it.

Here are all my pieces cut up and bundled with the templates.  Don't you love this?  I think this is  the most exciting part of a quilt.  It has such promise, you haven't screwed anything up yet.  you haven't cut anything incorrectly yet.  The pieces all promise to go together nicely still. 
 I always wanted to do a quilt that had multiple pieces I could stack up very neatly.  Like the big people do!  And here it is, all stacked up neatly!  I even found a few slices and tied them up! 

I Love this!  It may not get any further than this! 

I am really excited about this so far.  We shall see what I feel like after I start putting it together.

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