Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The State of Things in My World

My design wall is full.  Full with two of the Louisiana Traveling Quilts.  I have to mail one off soon so I need to get it in wraps and ready to go.  That would be Ramona's dotted oil derrick.  I have the feathers for Pat's quilt all done but not added.  I will let the person behind me figure out what to do with them in their block scheme.  The quilt is getting quite large.

I am currently working on the I Spy Blocks for my last quilt.  I don't really have a lot of kid's fabric but I have a few things to add.  Ramona, our fearless leader, emailed me and said, wow, you will be finished with that last one!  Aughhh!  Yes I will.  Oh my!

I want to bring the quilts to the REME meeting on Tuesday so I have something to show, then mail them off.  So that is the plan.

I wanted to work on  the feathers today but Carrie asked me to meet the oven quy at her house.  The oven door is being replaced.  It should be quick.  Chloe has a bladder infection so that meant running urine to the vet and getting meds.  They basically take my word for it but if I can make Frank catch urine in a baggie, it is all worth it.  Poor girl, it was full of blood too.

And we needed toothpaste from the health food store,  not far but just out of my way. 

I have some ideas for some really great quilts.  And I have some really great quilts that are in the "need to be quilted" pile!  I want to try some McTavishing on a few.

Thanks Carol, for getting me back hooked on that! 

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  1. You are keeping busy! You should have let me know if you needed some pieces for an I spy quilt. I think I still have quite a few scraps of fabric with objects on them. Let me know if you still want any or not and if you do want some how big do they need to be.


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