Wednesday, December 3, 2014

52 Photos Wee 31 - What Makes You Happy?

Love this one, it makes me happy!  LOL.

I am going to ask you, my readers, what makes you happy?  Leave me some notes at the  bottom here.

This is what makes me happy.  Frank with me.  Dogs healthy and happy.  Working for a cause we both believe strongly in, raising money to spay and neuter low income and homeless animals and find a few homes for some lucky cats and dogs along the way.  And just being able to do all that.

Some people say blessed, I don't.  To be able to do this is far more.  We both have spent our lifetimes working and providing a good home for our family and making good choices in our lives.  It was us and only us working toward that dream, with no help from government or rich inheritances.

No divine intervention here, we worked HARD to make it all happen!


  1. What a great photo that shows obvious love for your critters. Happiness is really about doing what you love with the people and furry friends you love. Happiest Holiday Season to you and your hounds.

  2. Such a wonderful photo! What makes me happy is quiet and feeling needed. That is why I enjoy helping out with my nephew's band so much - I am needed!

  3. What a great photo! You are good people and I'm proud to know you. Taking a walk in the woods with just my dogs and God makes me happy.

  4. Awesome picture! Seeing happy people is always a good thing. I have to say having a husband who is my best friend makes me very happy. I love love your door and the security aspect is really cool. Cheers! :)

  5. That is a fun and lovely photo! Glad your able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sweet cause you support as well.

    I was busy working on my "around the world" post and forgot about the 52 photo day.


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