Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Door is Finished and Christmas Shopping Mostly Over Now

My contractor Michael finished the installation of my front door system at lunchtime today.  That allowed e to have lunch at m favorite Indian Restaurant Al-Noor with my sweet friend Caroline!  I just love that place and could eat there nearly every day of the week!  today they had my favorite dessert Keer!  Oh, do I love that stuff!

I say the Front Door System because it was pretty intense!  The new front door is ornate and elegant and black.  The storm door is a security door that has super tempered glass that will withstand direct hits with a hammer and has a three deadbolt rams (top, middle, bottom) instead of just the one at the middle where the handle goes.  One latch in the regular place by the knob turns all three.  I don't think anyone is coming through that door!  It is also black steel.

We don't have any security problems where we live, I just wanted that particular storm door; we were surprised by the three deadbolt things.  But I have friends who live in what I would consider the most secure place in the city in a very expensive gated and guarded community where I have to show my license to get in and they call her to approve it.  They have been broken in at least twice! 

Look at Frank's Xmas presents!  He is one lucky guy if you value size and weight of your presents!   I ordered it from Lowes and it came in during the Thanksgiving holidays.  Frank was all hot to go get it and bring it home, but there was no way to cover it in my car without him seeing was just so big!


That Armstrong Moving and Storage box is not part of it, I have some quilt books in there!  And that rolled up paper is my Magnolias pattern that needs to be made soon. 

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