Sunday, December 28, 2014

EOY Stash Report and Roomba Report

The Roomba and the Bassets aren't going to get me $10,000!

Frank broke the Roomba out of its packing crate this morning.  He is one of those who reads the instructions thoroughly before he starts anything.  So he spent a good bit of the morning reading the one page (albeit a large page) of instructions before sending it on its merry way.

Admiring its reflection
I spent the morning watching YouTube videos of dogs hating on the robot being.

I thought  after watching the lab who is taking a stand against mechanical devices, that they would bark their fool heads off trying to scare it away.

Or like the Boston Terrier in the Santa suit who rode the Roomba like it was his preferred mode of transportation, they would want to ride as well.  We know THAT would have been bad news!  Smooshed under Basset butt.

Or that maybe they would be like Benny the Rottweiler and attack the invaders from outer space. 

Those kitties were cute, I have to admit, swatting at the sweeper things does look very tempting.

But no.  All my voyeuristic dullards did was to watch.  In fact the three gathered together in a Basset Pack to watch the odd thing move erratically around the room.  DiNozzo did get  bit concerned when it went under the bed and got caught in the wires.  Did you know that Roombas can scream?

When the Roomba came toward them, they parted like the Red Sea!  McGee had to side step a few times.  Seems wherever he sits is considered dirty by the little space invader.

I am beginning to think it is sentient.  It stopped and shut down in the kitchen while admiring its own reflection.  Now it is heading to the Robot Docking Spa to recharge after a bit of hard work.  I had to empty the container three time!  Dog hair.

Meanwhile here is my stash report and end of the year accounting. Now I can flip the figures back to ZERO!!!

I guess it wasn't a bad year.  I used a heck of a lot of material.  But I still need to be in the negative next year.  I will be cheering myself on!  Go! Quilt! Win!  Beat those numbers!

Used this week 0
Used this month -12.25 used this year -166
bought this week 0
bought this month 3 bought this year 218.75
plus or minus 0
plus or minus -9.25 plus or minus 52.75


  1. Oh I so want one of these! Too funny about the basset pack and red sea.

  2. Love the way you write... are you a pro? So funny.

  3. So funny! I can just see the Bassets now - ROFL I am amazed at the amount of fabric you use - impressive

  4. Your Roomba scenario is very comical. I can just visual the whole show. I'm afraid it would get lost in our place, but I'd like to try one just to see. Good luck on next years fabric accounting.

  5. Wish I could have watched the dogs experience the Roomba for the first time. How funny it must have been. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. Have a very happy new year.

  6. Yeah, how did they get the pets to ride the Roomba? Sedate them or what? Your stash report looks very similar to mine. I hope to do better next year.


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